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    We are a non-profit organization dedicated solely towards developing the industrial engineering community of Pakistan. We are striving to spread the awareness about the field and create a network of our professionals both nationally and internationally.

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    Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers is a dedicated non-profit organization which has a mission to serve the industrial engineers of Pakistan. We are striving to create a community of IEs of our country and will be linking them up with the international communities of Industrial Engineers.

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    We are looking to develop the industrial engineering community of Pakistan. Our aim is to gather all the students and professional IEz. Our organization is looking to not only form a network of industrial engineers within Pakistan but we are also looking to connect the Pakistani industrial engineers who are residing outside of our country. We wish to provide them with latest from the field updates as well as receive their feeds related to latest developments in the field outside.

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    We have prepared a special section in our website dedicated to answering most frequently asked questions about the field of Industrial Engineering specially for Pakistani Industrial Engineers who mostly require a lot of assistance in understanding their role in industries and what kind of job they are to perform.

Career Center

Posted by PSIE Webmaster On 6:17 PM

Industrial and manufacturing engineering Jobs Prospects

The immense growth in the industrial sector of Pakistan has opened new doors of opportunities for industrial and manufacturing engineers. Nowadays 72 to 80 per cent students are hired by big organizations even before their final result is announced.

What is manufacturing engineering?
John Tanner in his book Manufacturing Engineering: an introduction to the Basic Functions defines industrial and manufacturing as the branch of engineering which requires knowledge to apply and control engineering procedures in manufacturing processes, and also the methods of production of industrial commodities and products thus incorporate materials and machines, people to design and build, and service the products and production facilities of tomorrow. Manufacturing engineering covers a broad spectrum of engineering topics such as computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), numerical control (NO), computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), robotics automation, product design, tools and machines, manufacturing processes, quality control, production scheduling, production and inventory control and economic analysis. Or engineers are working in various sectors such as automobile companies, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturing firms. engineering as the branch of engineering which requires knowledge to apply and control engineering procedures in manufacturing processes, and also the methods of production of industrial commodities and products. Furthermore, it requires the ability to plan the practices of manufacturing, to research and develop the tools, processes for machines and equipment, and to integrate the facilities and systems to produce quality products with optional expenditure.

Salaries and remunerations
Fresh gradates are mostly appointed as assistant mangers. Initially they are paid Rs. 8000 to 15000 depending upon their skills. Pakistan has definitely a bright future for industrial and manufacturing engineers but there are options in other countries as well. Some of the engineers of NED University went to foreign universities for higher education and then started working there after completing their education.

Career Options for Manufacturing engineers in Pakistan
Career in industrial and manufacturing engineering offers a broad range of options. Unlike other engineering disciplines, where engineers are bound to work in their filed of specialty like civil engineer can work only in construction firms, automotive engineer can work in automobile sector only and textile engineer is restricted to work in textile industry an industrial and manufacturing engineer has more than one choice to work as s/he is specialized in overall industrial engineering and not only in one sector of the business.

Future prospects for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers
Therefore, industrial and manufacturing engineer have a bright scope not only in Pakistan but aboard as well. They are found working in almost every sector including textile industry, healthy industry, home appliances sector, communication technology sector and so on. Besides technical jobs, industrial and manufacturing engineers can also serve as consultant in all these firms. So, if you want to pursue a promising career in engineering that offers excellent remuneration and variety of options, industrial and manufacturing engineering maybe your first choice.

Manufacturing Engineering degree and Courses
  1. NED university of engineering and Technology, Karachi
  2. Mehran University of Engineering and technologies,
  3. University of Management and Technology, Lahore
  4. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  5. NWFP University of engineering and technology, Peshawar
  6. University of engineering and technology Texila